Personality & Book Writing: How To Use Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type [Podcast Interview]

Are you a writer? An author? An aspiring author?

In this podcast interview with Chandler Bolt (Founder and CEO of Self-Publishing School) and Gary Williams (Founder, Coach & Consultant of Better Future International) you’ll see how to apply your Myers-Briggs Personality Type to writing, publishing, and marketing books.

Podcast interview with Founder and CEO of Self-Publishing School, Chandler Bolt.

No matter your personality type, you can be a thoughtful writer, author, and even marketer of your book. (Yes, even the introverts of the world can be incredible markers, we’ll dig into that in this talk!)

Show Notes:

  • [02:29] Gary explains the purpose and application of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • [04:02] There are eight different preferences that result in 16 different personality types.
  • [04:45] Breaking down the preferences of extroversion and introversion.
  • [07:40] Breaking down the preferences of sensing and intuition.
  • [09:42] The ladder of abstraction and how it applies to personality types.
  • [12:15] Breaking down the preferences of thinking and feeling.
  • [15:15] Breaking down the preferences of judging and perceiving.
  • [22:10] Discover your Myers-Briggs Personality Type here.
  • [23:05] How different personality types play out in the book writing process.
  • [26:50] How personality preferences play out in the book writing process.
  • [31:52] Set a concrete deadline for your book and have an accountability partner.
  • [35:50] Gary gives tips on marketing your self-published book, including limiting beliefs of introverts.
  • [40:22] Common personality traits and habits of successful authors.
  • [44:41] The ability to have open reflection and dialogue is a powerful tool for successful authors.
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