Change is impossible without action.

You have a vision for a better future.

You know you can be a catalyst for change.

Yet here you are, feeling stuck on how to actually move forward. You're unsure how to create change in your life, community, and the world. 


Let's Dig in!

2. Changemaker Community (Group Coaching)

3. Clarity & Purpose Coaching


Phase ONE:

discover your type

We must get you clear on who you are. Let's tap into the depths of the way your mind is wired by unpacking your innate preferences that make up your Myers-Briggs personality type. This will give us a blueprint for your mind, an essential step to getting you clarity.

You can choose to one of two options to discover your best-fit type, either the official MBTI® Step II Assessment or a conversational profiling session.



Official MBTI Report

[Give me the data and official report!]

This Package Includes:

Access to take the official MBTI® Step II Assessment

Available exclusively through certified MBTI Practitioners

Virtual One-on-one Validation Session

One-on-one 90-minute session with Gary Williams to verify your best-fit personality type

Custom Type Report 

18-page breakdown of your type including data on 20 facets of your personality



1:1 Profiling Session

[Let's have a conversational session!]

This Package Includes:

Two-Hour Conversational Profiling Session

Designed to identify your best-fit MBTI personality type

Verbal Explanation of
Best-Fit Type

Description of your four preferences and the wiring of your mind through your cognitive functions

Follow Up Description and Resources

Written description and additional resources for growth and development

Start here if you've taken online assessments and not sure of your type, most people find success with the conversational 1:1 Profiling Session.

Phase TWO:

Changemaker Community

Let's Get Started

If you're looking to create change, both in your life and in the lives of others, this community is for you. So often in the pursuit of change, we hit some bumps along the way. Sometimes we get in our own way, we start overthinking, or we chase a million ideas at once. 

The Changemaker Community is a personal development accelerator to go from feeling stuck and lacking direction to gaining clarity through your personality blueprint so that you can confidently create a better future for others. Click below to learn more and get instant access to fresh digital content and access to our twice-per-month live virtual group coaching sessions.

Phase THREE:


When you're feeling stuck, lacking a sense of meaning, waking up unfulfilled, and not sure what direction to pursue... having a guide to lead you down the path is invaluable.

This all-in 3-month one-on-one coaching package will guide you through your unique personality blueprint, articulating your unique purpose statement, and helping you to discover the next steps you want to take to live your best life.

You'll unlock deeper clarity in essential elements of who you are—exploring how you uniquely influence, make decisions, process information, the impact of stress, your defense strategies, and more.

Ultimately, our goal is to get you taking action on purpose to be a true agent of change. In today's world, it's easy to feel pulled in a thousand different possible directions. Your unique purpose statement will give you certainty in the unique direction you were meant to live out. 

If you're ready to fully live out your ability to create change in your life, your community, and our world—let's connect to explore what impact this experience will have on your life.


Founder, Business & Mindset Coach
Better Future International

Inspire others to stop and think so that we can imagine a better future. 




"After my session with Gary, I couldn’t stop repeating the words... it was as if a thousand pieces of the puzzle got put together with great clarity during our short time together."

Dr. Taryn Fletcher

"Gary’s coaching is targeted with a clear focus on your top goal. He takes the time to celebrate the wins first—and this is so important when your to-do list is a mile long. After listening to you, he carves out next steps that propel you into forward momentum. His approach to coaching is a must have when you’re at top levels of leadership.

marcy pusey

"If you want to get unstuck in your own life, find clarity, and learn to love yourself... reach out to Gary. He’s shaved years of therapy off of my life."

What's next in our journey to create a better future together?

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