EMBRACE The best version of yourself to Become The Person Who CHANGES Your Community & THE WORLD


Feeling stuck, lacking direction, and waking up uncertain of your purpose 
Tired of feeling limited by imposter syndrome, doubt, or perfectionism 
Lacking a clear path to creating a greater impact on the lives of others

The world is constantly trying to pull you to live a life that’s ordinary and predictable. Everyone expects you to follow the path of the world, but you envision a life of impact that may go against the status quo...

We often try to put our identity in the outer world—our roles, our relationships, our jobs, or our accomplishments.

Yet deep down, you know you're meant to live a life of purpose, but get caught up in the rules of the game that everyone else is playing.

Without being anchored in your true identity—your personality and purpose, you will be existing in a life that’s not your own. Your life is in a constant space of reactivity and feeling like you can't break free from the hamster wheel of life.

then this is The community for you

you can imagine a better future for our world, but the journey MUST begin with a better future for you.

You've likely felt misunderstood or like you haven't always had a place of belonging. Good news, you don't have to do this work alone. We are a community of people working to change the world. We can do this hard work together, and I'm excited to serve as your guide. 

I know you're here because you want something in your life to change. Maybe it's your mindset, your career situation, your relationships, your community, or our world. 

In this community, you will focus first and foremost on one thing. 

That's YOU

That's right. So often, we get focused on changing everything in the world. But at the heart of all change is first becoming the person that creates change. 

Let's work together to take back control of your life so that you can create a bigger impact on the lives of others.


To go from feeling stuck and lacking direction

To gaining clarity through your personality blueprint

Is a personal development accelerator for changemakers

so that you can confidently create a better future for others

Here's the journey you will embark on should you choose to accept the invitation


Connect with Community: A place to build community with other creative, purpose-driven, people looking to make a change in the world.

Deepen Your Self-Awareness: Access to core content to deepen your understanding of who you are through the lens of your unique Myers-Briggs best-fit personality type.

Access to Fresh Monthly Content: Personal and professional development to grow your understanding of self, how to deepen your relationships, and explore how to create a greater impact.

Monthly Group Coaching + Q&A: Live monthly sessions to deepen your understanding of content. Don't worry, they'll be recorded if you cannot attend live!


$37 USD


Or get access for just $370/year
(two months free)


✅ Monthly Group Coaching + Q&A Calls: $2,364 value
Monthly calls each have a different theme designed to give you a fresh perspective around gaining clarity, building community, and creating change. These are masterclass level sessions.

✅ Roadmap to Understanding Unique Personality Types: $564 value
You will receive clarity on how to discover your personality type (if you don't already know it) and a module to break down your unique personality type including videos, PDF resources, workbooks, etc. Have 100% clarity around your type? You'll have access to all 16 personality types so you can explore the others as well!

✅ Engage with Changemakers in Our Private Community: $1,164 value
We are better together. You'll have access to our private Community Connect space to interact with other changemakers navigating this same journey as you in addition to building relationships on our group sessions.

✅ Bonus: Changemaker Summit Recordings: $497 value
Able to attend the summit and want to hear some of those incredible insights again? Or missed some sessions you want to catch? All the recordings are broken down by session with transcripts and search ability to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

TOTAL VALUE: $4,589 value

Get access for just
$370/year or $37/month

(Cancel anytime with no minimum monthly commitment)

Monthly Growth Themes

But what types of things do we actually dig into? Here are actual topics that we've explored in the past 12 months through the lens of your unique personality. 

  • Prioritization
  • Alleviating Stress
  • Flow - What do you do best?
  • Self-Love
  • Information Overwhelm
  • Balance in Community
  • Integrating Play into Life
  • Choosing Courage 


"After my session with Gary, I couldn’t stop repeating the words... it was as if a thousand pieces of the puzzle got put together with great clarity during our short time together."

Dr. Taryn Fletcher

"Gary’s coaching is targeted with a clear focus on your top goal. He takes the time to celebrate the wins first—and this is so important when your to-do list is a mile long. After listening to you, he carves out next steps that propel you into forward momentum. His approach to coaching is a must have when you’re at top levels of leadership.

marcy pusey

"If you want to get unstuck in your own life, find clarity, and learn to love yourself... reach out to Gary. He’s shaved years of therapy off of my life."


Founder, Coach & Consultant
Better Future International

Inspire others to stop and think so that we can imagine a better future. 









our impact


What is the refund policy?

Given the nature of the digital content, all sales are final on the monthly payment option but may be cancelled at any time. If you choose the annual pricing, you have 14 days from the date of your purchase to request a full refund.

Am I locked into any contract or a minimum number of months?

The Changemaker Community is available on a month-to-month basis without any contract. To get the most out of the community, I recommend staying for at least 6-12 months, but if you decide it's not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time.

You said something about a price increase? What's up with that?

Good news! When you join the Changemaker Community, you lock in your current price for as long as you're an active member in good standing. The doors only open to the community a couple of times per year, and the price will likely increase in the future. By joining now, you'll get this rate!

What happens if I want to cancel

Based off of the happy current members, we're pretty confident you won't want to! But in the rare instance you do, you can cancel your subscription to prevent future charges no questions ask. You'll be able to cancel with a couple clicks without having to hop on a call, wait for a support email, or answer a million questions. If we're not a great fit for each other, we ultimately want to respect your time.

What is a changemaker? Am I a changemaker?

If you made it this far, you likely are indeed a changemaker! Simply put, a changemaker is someone creating change that will make the lives of others better. Perhaps you're impacting your family, your community, your workplace, your business, your nation, or our world. No matter where you have your vision set, if you're creating a better future for yourself and others—you are a changemaker.


When you join as a new member to the Changemaker Community by Friday, July 8 no later than 11:59pm Eastern, you will unlock a BONUS one-on-one strategy session with Gary Williams. In the spirit of our recent workshop, we can dig into the topic of "Take Back Your Time" (or another topic if something is more pressing in your life right now. 

After joining the Changemaker Community, you'll have instant access to the call that can be used within 45 days.

VALUED at $297

Will you choose to create a better future by investing in a better you?


$37 USD

P.S. If you're a changemaker you do NOT want to miss out on this community to help you get out of your own way AND get exclusive summit recordings.


Better Future

Unleashing changemakers through their personality & purpose so that together, we can move others to a better future.