Your adventure begins with a simple choice. Should we focus on Your...

  • Personal Prioritization
  • Verbal Presentations
  • Project Planning (Books, etc.)
  • Personal Brand Messaging
  • Website Development (Copy, Design, etc.)
  • And so much more! :) 
  • Lead Generation Events (summit, challenge, workshop, etc.)
  • Lead Magnet Design & Strategy
  • Instructional Design & Curriculum Mapping (online course, membership, etc.)
  • Product Suite Strategy
  • And so much more! :) 

Online Business

Personal Project



Could you use some help with a personal project?

We can often be our own biggest roadblocks from actually getting things done. 

Sometimes we are faced with feeling stuck, overthinking, scattered with too many ideas, struggling with prioritization, or feeling like we’re constantly putting out fires..

The stress and overwhelm you face when you look at all of your roles, responsibilities, and tasks probably isn’t the real problem. 

But the stress is evidence that there is a deeper problem preventing you from being at your best and getting the right things done. 

As someone who has been in the online coaching space for 5 years, there’s a lot I can help you with. 

Here are some of the personal projects I’ve helped changemakers with to get you thinking:

  • Kara in identifying her big three priorities for the year (health, organization, and writing) and breaking down bite sized action steps to create actionable milestones 

  • Jennifer in creating a plan to finish the book she’s dreamed about writing for years 

  • Mike in transforming a verbal presentation that didn’t “feel” like him to a fully authentic, engaging, and story-driven style that captivated his audience 

  • Samantha in identifying the ideas she can say “yes, no, and not yet” to so she can invest her limited time and energy on the right things in her personal life and real estate business

  • Troy in refining his personal brand messaging and website so that he can use his message to create a greater impact in the world

Could you use some help with your online business? 

I get it. As an entrepreneur and often solopreneur, you’re juggling a million different tasks every single day. 

You’re the marketing department, sales department, meeting directly with clients, trying to keep up on your email inbox, learning the latest TikTok dance to post on social media, dreaming up your next launch, all while remembering to try and keep up with your family and personal life. 

As someone who has been in the online coaching space for 5 years, there’s a lot I can help you with. I’ve run virtual events attracting new leads, planned workshops to both market and support current clients, used my background in education to develop groundbreaking online courses, and developed systems that keep you organized and streamlined to keep you focused on what you do best.

I specialize in helping coaches and other online service providers clarify their next steps and take their business to a new level of excellence. 

Here are some projects that I can knock out of the park with you…
  • Workshops & Challenges
  • Virtual Summits & Online Live Events
  • Website Edits & Updates
  • Lead Magnet Design & Strategy
  • Landing Pages / Freebie Opt-In Pages
  • Instructional Design & Curriculum Mapping
  • Online Courses
  • Content Organization
  • Strategy in Curriculum Organization from Low-Ticket to High-Ticket
  • System Improvement 
  • Online Business Management
  • Project Management 
  • Accountability Check-Ins
  • Clarifying Your Message

Softwares and services I’m experienced with…
  • Courses, Learning, & Membership Management: Teachable, Thinkific, Searchie, Kajabi, and dabbled with a few others
  • Community Management: Circle,, Facebook Groups, etc. 
  • Email Service Providers: Gmail, MailerLite, ConvertKit, etc.
  • Billing: PayPal, Square, Stripe, etc.
  • Website: Wix, Square Space, ShowIt, etc. 
  • Basic Design: Canva
  • The Basics: Google Suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc.) 
  • Good news! If I haven’t used softwares that you’re currently using, I’m pretty quick to learn new softwares. Let’s chat to see if I can support you with the technology stack you’re already using! 

here are two ways I can support you with strategy & implementation…

Done-With-You Support

Here are two options to help you get stuff done! These can be whatever combination of strategy, planning, and implementation best meet your needs. Some people start with a plan already and want step-by-step guidance to implement right on the call.

Others want to use the time to come up with a strategy and plan they can continue to execute on. Whatever you need, let's get it done!




Done-With-You Package 



60-Minutes of Strategy & Action!

Start our session discussing what project you’re trying to make progress on

Discuss how the project has been going so far and dig in to why you might be facing some roadblocks so we know how to get you moving  

We’ll then create a strategy and move you into implementation… right on our call together! 

Ready to get started? Let’s do it! 

This link will take you to a 15-min consultation to make sure we're a great mutual fit!

Our goal is to get you taking action DURING this Power Hour! We'll assess how much strategy vs. action-taking is most helpful to you right on this call!

This is a great way to build momentum on something you’ve been putting off or need a bit of help with.

This link will take you to book your Power Hour so we can jump into action ASAP! Let's go!

Most Popular for Online Business Owners and Larger Projects

Power Hour

Most Popular for Personal Projects and Smaller Initiatives 

Need some help building momentum on a specific project or task? Perhaps it’s that thing you keep putting off or you’re just not sure how to get the ball rolling. In a Power Hour, we will…

Let’s collaborate for an intensive deep dive into a particular project of your choice. This is a virtual collaborative package where we will… 

Begin with a 45-minute strategy session prior to your VIP Day to clarify your goals for this experience so we’ll…

Hit the ground running on our action-packed day…

  • Beginning with a two-hour session focused on brainstorming & strategy 
  • A one-hour break to recharge, refuel, and prepare for…
  • A two-hour done-with-you session focused on implementation

21 days of virtual feedback and strategy following our VIP Day through Voxer to keep the momentum going 

This is a sample agenda of our one day intensive to help you gain momentum on a bigger life or business project.

Normally $297 but get your first session for just

P.S. Don't just take it from me, check out what people are saying about these sessions!



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"After my session with Gary, I couldn’t stop repeating the words... it was as if a thousand pieces of the puzzle got put together with great clarity during our short time together."

Dr. Taryn Fletcher

"Gary’s coaching is targeted with a clear focus on your top goal. He takes the time to celebrate the wins first—and this is so important when your to-do list is a mile long. After listening to you, he carves out next steps that propel you into forward momentum. His approach to coaching is a must have when you’re at top levels of leadership.

marcy pusey

"If you want to get unstuck in your own life, find clarity, and learn to love yourself... reach out to Gary. He’s shaved years of therapy off of my life."