Top Tip for Increasing Results for Online Coaches

What if increasing your impact (client results) could grow your income?

Good news! It can! When you get better results for coaching clients, it can impact some of the most important KPIs you have in your business—with the potential to increase revenue, the lifetime value of your customers (LTV), and retention rates. Of course, don’t forget about the amazing testimonials you’ll receive that will help you acquire new customers and gain referrals.

Plus, it’s giving our clients what they deserve. The transformation they’re seeking. The results they’re after in their lives. Does it get any better than that?

Check out this quick video to unpack my #1 tip to help you drive results for your clients.

In this video, you’ll hear the #1 tip you can implement to increase your client results.

Video Transcript

Hey there! In this video, I want to share with you my number one tip, as it relates to increasing your ability to get better results for your clients as an online coach.

If we haven’t met before, my name is Gary Williams, I’m the founder here at Better Future Coaching and I am obsessed with helping online coaches and infopreneurs to get better results for their clients. In this video, I want to share with you my number one tip, but before I do that, I want to just check in before I share, okay, here’s the reality, when I share with you the number one tip, your brain is likely going to start jumping in with some narratives and examples and stories of how you’re already doing what I’m talking to you about.

There’s a chance that that’s very true. However, after advising coaching teams, supporting hundreds of online coaches, and personally conducting 1,000s of one on one paid coaching calls myself, I have noticed that a lot of coaches are not actually doing this to the best of their ability.

And so my number one tip for you. It’s not rocket science, but it can actually be challenging to implement a moment as as an online coach to get better at infusing core coaching practices. Now, again, your brain is probably saying, Gary, I already do this. I know, I know, I know. But you probably entered into coaching because you care so much about people. And because you care about them, you’ve probably been the person your entire life that people come to for support, for guidance, for advice, or counsel, to be able to figure out how to solve problems in their lives no matter what it might be.

And there’s probably a part of you that loves to do that. And one of the things that I see coaches doing all the time, that could be a needle mover to help them get better results with their clients is to stop giving homework at the end of sessions, to stop giving people a step by step action plan of exactly what they need to do. And instead to start co-creating an action plan with your clients to allow your client to be behind the drivers wheel of their own life (with your guidance as the instructor and the guide by their side). But to help them actually come up with their own action plan instead of you reaching over from the passenger side and trying to drive the vehicle for them.

Now again, there’s probably a part of you that says I am already doing that fantastic, great. But I bet if I were to go through and be a fly on the wall in your coaching sessions, there’s times where you’re starting to take over the process a bit more than what your client actually needs and it’s preventing you from getting the results that your clients actually deserve.

Now the beautiful thing about this is you can actually infuse these practices in any type of offer, whether it’s one on one coaching, group coaching, online digital products, to start to help people get better results, we can slow down our temptation to jump in and to try and help people by giving them advice and showing them the direct path and instead to stay by their side as the guide and allow them to have the ownership over their life to come up with an action plan with your guidance and mentorship by asking the right questions.

So as we continue in this journey, I can’t wait to support you and support so many more coaches as we try and figure out how we can get better results for our clients. And in turn, grow your coaching business as well. So with that said, I can’t wait to see you in our next email. See you soon!

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