Who is the changemaker summit for?

The impactors. The difference makers. The purpose-driven. The people crazy enough to believe that they can change the world. 

You are someone on a mission to make a difference in the lives of others.

You might be creating impact as an entrepreneur, as a student, as a mother, as an employee, as a volunteer, or as a good human. 

Here's the thing. Around here, we don't care about your role or your title. 

We care about waking up each day living on purpose to create a better future for others. 

If this is you, this is a summit you do NOT want to miss.

What can you expect to hear from this summit?

Changing the world begins with changing the way we see ourselves. The journey begins with topics of self-awareness to gain inner clarity to allow changemakers to get out of your own way and authentically create impact. 

Some Topics Included:
 • Personality Frameworks: Enneagram, Myers-Briggs (MBTI), CliftonStrengths, & Human Design
 • Navigating Burnout & Unexpected
 • Passion & Purpose
 • Emotional Intelligence

gaining clarity

Some Topics Included:
 • Authenticity on Social Media
 • Using Social Media for Marketing
 • Community Building
 • Navigating Hard Conversations
 • Developing Inclusive Practices

building community

Some Topics Included:
 • Applying Personality Frameworks
to Your Business
 • Story Telling
 • Developing a Podcast
 • Crafting an Offer
 • Navigating a Sales Conversation

creating change




We cannot create massive change alone. In order to create change, we must build relationships with others. These relationships may be with teammates, family, friends, or the people you’re serving. 

We’ll create a better future through the choice to move forward step by step. It’s not enough to think about a better future, we must take action. Attendees may be moving forward a passion project, a side hustle, a business venture, or non-profit. 

A virtual event for changemakers on September 24-25th that you won't want to miss

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