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In the meantime, learn how to get extra support in planning an engaging and results-driven workshop that will convert! 

Are you accidentally lecturing your audience to death?

I know you care deeply about your message, right? 

Lecturing might seem like the simplest and most direct way to get your message across but… 

  • Even when you give away gold to your audience, it's not converting and people are not responding to your call to action
  • Your attempts to build engagement are leaving you with an empty chatbox, awkward silences, and you feeling like you’re talking to yourself 
  • As a subject matter expert, you know you know your stuff, but it is not delivering the results you know you’re capable of achieving for those you serve 

But I’m here to help you uplevel your live workshop experiences to create raving fans that can’t get enough of you!

What If You Could...

Create an Experience That’s Impactful for You & Your Audience
You do what you do because you love the people you serve and want to see them get results, right? Of course! Imagine creating a live workshop experience that’s fun and enjoyable for you to facilitate and that leaves your audience feeling like time with you flies by. 

Achieve Quick Wins For Your Audience
There’s a difference between delivering information and creating a transformation for your audience. Imagine if your audience walked away from your live workshop not just knowing new information, but experienced it in such a way that they’re experiencing a change in their life or business. 

Cultivate Raving Fans Begging You for The Next Step
Your audience enjoyed their time, achieved a quick win, and now… they want more from you! Imagine by the end of your live workshop your participants are asking you what’s next and how they can continue working with you because they now have experienced first hand your amazingness. 

The Ultimate Workshop Bundle


How to Create an Impactful & Engaging Live Workshop That Converts Your Audience Into Clients

  • Live Workshop Planning Bootcamp ($197 Value)
    You’ll gain instant access to this guided step-by-step process to help you through the planning of an engaging and impactful live workshop. This format can be used for virtual or live workshops you facilitate. 

  • Planning Template to Guide Your Workshop Planning ($49 Value)
    Why stop at just learning the step-by-step process when you could have a planning template you can use over and over for each workshop you plan. This template will give you space to capture all of your thoughts and walk away with a rock-solid plan. 

Here's What You Get

TOTAL VALUE: $246 value

Get access for just $47 USD

P.S. Don't just take it from me, check out what OTHERS ARE SAYING!


I'm constantly on webinars and Zoom meetings, and yours is the first I've seen of its type. Thanks to you, the atmosphere is pleasant, trusting, and nurturing.                     
-Carrie W.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your help on my last workshop. All of your support for that workshop—your help to come up with a front-end challenge, the curriculum, hook, and slide deck for the launch of my mini-course—led to a number of new connections, multiple strategy calls, and $10K in sales (so far! They're still coming in). This is coming after a few really dry months. Honestly, I wouldn't have done this if it weren't for you. You were everything I needed to make this happen. Please feel free to share this... I want everyone to know that you are worth 100 times every penny spent to work with you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
-Marcy P.


Founder, Business & Mindset Coach
Better Future International

MEET YOUR Facilitator

Hey, Gary here! I got into Business & Mindset Coaching after spending years in the classroom engaging students in the learning process, coaching educators to become better at their craft, and supporting authors in writing, marketing, and publishing their books. 

After working with hundreds of online business owners, authors, and changemakers to refine their message and monetize their ideas, I realized people kept coming back to get help with their live workshops & facilitations  

So I decided to go all in and create this course just for you—to allow you to access my experience in effective learning and facilitation strategies without having to spend years in the classroom like I did.

If you're ready to uplevel your live workshops and facilitation skills in order to get better results for your clients and create raving fans begging for the next step to work with you, then this is an experience you don't want to miss out on! Can't wait to see you on the inside :)

Are you ready to Wow Your Audience at Your Next Live Workshop?

Through this action-oriented bundle, you'll learn how to:

  • Structure your live workshop for maximum engagement
  • Create a meaningful learning experience to help them retain what they learn
  • Keep them on the edge of their seats and begging for more
  • Guide your participants to get real results from what they’ve learned 
  • Convert your audience into your next offer 

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